Volunteer of the Year Award

What would you and your organization do without your volunteers?

Here at Flagler Volunteer Services, we know how important volunteerism is in our community. Most of the places that utilize volunteers would not be sustainable without volunteer help. It is our pleasure each year to recognize volunteers that do outstanding work and have huge impacts on local organizations and on the community at large.

Please nominate your outstanding volunteers for the following:


A volunteer is defined as someone who voluntarily offers themselves for a service or undertaking and perform it willingly and without pay.


Sometimes it isn’t one person that is making the largest impact it is a team effort. A team consists of between two or more volunteers that are working together on a common focus area of your agency.

If you have a volunteer or a group of volunteers that has shown work well above and beyond the call of normal volunteer work, please nominate them for one of these two awards.

Flagler Volunteer Service’s Recognition Committee will select the award winners that most exemplify volunteerism in Flagler County from the nominations received. Awards will be given in various categories. All nominees will be recognized in our Volunteer Recognition Program.

Awards will be presented at our Volunteer Recognition Event which will be held on Wednesday, April 25th at Santa Maria Del Mar. Organzitation representatives that nominate the award winners will be invited to assist with presentation of the award.

Please be sure to take a few moments of your time to honor the volunteers that positively impact your agency by completing the nomination form and returning them to us by Wednesday, April 4th, 2018. Volunteer Recognition Nomination Forms – 2018

Presentation of the Presidential Service Awards

In April 2018 Flagler Volunteer Services will be presenting Presidential Service Awards to volunteers that have served more than 500 hours of service in 2017. Presentations will be done in front of local Commissions/Councils and/or in other formats as appropriate. If you have volunteers that have served more than 500 hours in 2017 please contact our office to make sure that we have those hours in our system so that we can recognize them.